The long wow

Brandon Schauer
Brandon Schauer of Adaptive Path has just published a sharp and informative essay on “The Long Wow,” an experience and design-driven approach to creating real customer satisfaction by building genuine, widespread, and lasting customer loyalty over time. As Brandon describes it:

“Notably great experiences are punctuated by a moment of ‘wow,’ when the product or service delights, anticipates the needs of, or pleasantly surprises a customer. OXO’s Good Grips Angled Measuring Cup triggers such a moment of wow. A set of angled markings on the OXO cup lets you quickly measure liquids for recipes without having to stop cooking and bend over. Suddenly a little part of your life is easier, because OXO thought carefully about the way you cook. This delightful surprise resonates because it feels tailored to your needs.”

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(via the Satisfaction blog)

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