The primacy of the personal

A new report from the Weber Shandwick Collective suggests a “me over we” mentality is driving more buying decisions, explains the publisher of Fast Company, Stephanie Mehta, CEO of Mansueto Ventures.

(Weber Shandwick is a global communications and PR agency.)

The socially conscious individual has given way to a “me over we” consumer who favors brands that deliver personal value over societal value, according to new research from the Weber Shandwick Collective (TWSC).

The report, “What We Value: The Primacy of Personal,” used quantitative and qualitative research to understand what people around the world want from brands, products, and companies. Three out of four respondents say what they value most has changed in the past five years, with the shock and aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic being the No. 1 reason for the shift. After practical considerations, such as utility and value for their money, consumers ranked “personal emotional value” as two times more important to them than societal or social value.

The research, which TWSC shared exclusively with Modern CEO, suggests a retreat from the conscious consumerism movement, in which social, ethical, and environmental considerations guide buying decisions.