The psychology of UX

The psychology of UX
When UX designer Vanessa Carey read Susan Weinschenk’s article “The Psychologist’s View of UX Design” (published in UXMag last year), she decided to explore each of Susan’s ten points in more detail.

“I will break down Susan’s post and further explain my understanding of each of her ten points and what this has meant to my experience of UX thus far or the direction I’d like to take my own UX practices within a professional environment. In the mean time, I will list the ten points that Susan makes in her post.”

It ended up becoming an eleven part series published on her blog and on Platformability (the effort is still in progress):

0. Introduction (alternate link)
1. Laziness (alternate link)
2. Multi-tasking (alternate link)
3. Mistakes (alternate link)
4. Memory (alternate link)
5. People are Social (alternate link)
6. Attention (alternate link)
7. Information (alternate link)
8. Unconscious Processing (alternate link)
9. Mental Models (alternate link)
10. Visual System

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