The user experience is where many of Vista’s problems emanate

Mitchell Ashley, ceo and chief strategist of Converging Network, analyses why there is a growing number of dissatisfied users who’ve tried and given up on Microsoft’s Vista operating system. He concludes that it is “the user experience where many of Vista’s problems emanate” and gives four reasons for this:

1. Vista lacks user centered innovation that benefits users directly
Very little is done to help end users make their computer experience better or more productive. Users are forced to hunt for common everyday tasks like adding a printer or connecting to a wireless access point.

2. Vista and Office 2007 impose a big productivity loss
Relearning and unlearning familiar tasks in Vista and Office 2007 is frustrating and infuriating end users.

3. Vista performance is poor
While hardware and software in the industry continues to work faster, Vista steps backwards and is slower.

4. Vista has a high user annoyance factor
User Account Control is the equivalent of putting an automatic look on every door inside your house, so you must use a key to enter the kitchen, study, bedrooms or closets.

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