The user experience of Windows 8

Windows 8 and the art of UX compromise
by Ryan Bell, user interface software team lead at EffectiveUI
Microsoft is cleverly promoting Windows 8 with the tagline “no compromises.” The idea is that you get both a desktop/laptop operating system (OS) and a tablet OS in one package and a “best of both worlds” experience on any device.
In reality, the decision to meld the traditional mouse-and-keyboard Windows with a new, radically different kind of interface designed for touch devices is itself a compromise – a choice with understandable business and engineering rationales, but one that is likely to introduce significant challenges for the Windows user experience (UX) in the months ahead.

Why Windows 8 could be the next Vista
by Sean Ludwig, staff writer for VentureBeat
Thinking about Windows 8 fills me with a strong sense of unease. Whether it’s the thought of using the OS on my desktop on a daily basis or the coming backlash by consumers when the OS lands, it distresses me on more levels than it should. Windows 8 could very well be the next Vista.

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