Transformation design: the re-emergence of social engineering in public service design

Transformation Design
When designers and politicians put their heads together, are we seeing the dawn of a brave new world or just the re-birth of big brother? Kevin McCullagh investigates in an article, published in the October issue of Blueprint magazine.

“The pace of change is often overstated, but a few years ago something genuinely new began to happen to design. Invitations from political think tanks started to drop into designers’ in-boxes and policy wonks began to hang out with creatives. A clear outcome of this intersection between design and politics is the emergent discipline of design for public services.”

Public service design has been welcomed in some quarters and has raised eyebrows in others. Its small, but vocal advocates often present what some of them call ‘Transformation Design’ as a challenge to the ‘top down’ arrogance of the all-knowing designer.”

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