Trend: User generated search engine

Search Wikia
In December 2006, Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales announced the development of a user-generated search engine, called “Search Wikia“, writes Josefine Koehn on CScout Trendblog.

“The goal is to build an open-source based alternative for web search, offering people-powered search results.

Several competing [Wiki] developments are [currently] coming out of beta. There are two parts that are going to be “crowdsourced”, the wiki and the software.

This blog post introduces Search Wikia, but also the other Wiki-named projects — Wikia, Wikisearch/Wikiseek and Wikisaria — to make the difference clear.” […]

“The success of a user generated search engine, like the project wikisearch, will depend on the the active contribution of the public. Search Wikia founder Jimmy Wales blames other search engines for producing too much spam and hopes to provide better results by letting people themselves judge if a site is good or not. The question is how long it will take to have enough entries to really be comparible to the already established search engines. In the long run it’s all about quality not quantity.”

See also Tagzin and Jatalla, two other user-generated search engines that have recently been launched:

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