Two new user experience communities

Louis Rosenfeld alerted me to two new Ning-based community sites that Rosenfeld Media authors recently started:

Design for Care compiles methods, results, case studies, and research from many healthcare contexts to help designers understand and improve healthcare products and services. If you’re interested in the intersection of healthcare and user experience, please participate in this 100+ member community. Peter Jones, the community’s facilitator, is also the author of the forthcoming book Designing for Care.

“Design for Care brings methods and results found effective across healthcare contexts to designers in all situations, illustrated by very current case studies and research. We include & transcend User Experience – as care scenarios are not merely “use” but are complex and multifaceted. We aim to inform information, service, and system designers to make a positive difference in healthcare.”

Agile Experience Design is enabling over 200 participants to work through the challenges of squaring contemporary design practices with agile and other iterative approaches to design and development. Anders Ramsay, who has just begun work on his book Agile Experience Design, is the community’s facilitator.

“Our goal is to explore, evolve, and empower the emergent discipline that fuses Agile Software Development with User Experience Design.”

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