Understanding the experience/expectation gap

Adam Richardson, a strategy director at frog design has created a new blog that immediately starts off with a thoughtful piece on managing the user experience performance and understanding the experience/expectation gap.

“Developing complex products today – cellphones, digital music, cars – is challenging because there are many ingredients that must go into providing a satisfying user experience for customers. Everyone one wants to make a compelling, coherent experience, as customers are becoming more sophisticated about expecting them, but few companies have the resources, expertise, budget or time to develop every element themselves – interfaces, controls, web applications, operating systems, retail integration, etc. So you have to make decisions about what you’re going to do custom, and what you’re going to get off-the-shelf.”

“These decisions have major impacts on not just how customers will perceive you, but also your future flexibility and growth path as a company. They also have a dramatic effect on profit margins.”

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