User experience and customer experience management

Leigh Duncan of Live Path argues in a long post on his blog that user experience is an interface discipline, part of the wider field of customer experience management. It is all a matter of definitions of course, but in our own work, and in many other user experience projects I have seen, it is definitely more than just interface design. And it should be.

“User Experience or Usability is focused on the interface discipline of CEM. It is used primarily in reference to the analysis, design and/or development of human-to-technology interfaces. Some examples of this include:

User Experience is an important part of CEM, but like experiential marketing, it’s a part of a much larger whole. User Experience architects center their focus creating functional, intuitive interfaces (online or systems applications and technological devices) that enable customer interaction and transaction. CEM practitioners focus on the comprehensive interaction of customers in both online and offline channels.”

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(via Usernomics – Usability in the News)

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