User experience design: the evolution of a multi-disciplinary approach

The May 2008 issue of the Journal of Usability Studies, a UPA-published peer-reviewed quarterly journal, contains an invited essay Dr. Deborah Mayhew that adds a new and different perspective on the evolution of the usability practice.

In his introduction editor Avi Parush writes:

“In her essay, titled: “User experience design: the evolution of a multi-disciplinary approach“, she outlines some of the interesting milestones in the multi-disciplinary nature of the usability practice. The evolution introduced new collaborative and multi-disciplinary challenges, from working with programmers, through graphic designers and information architects, to persuasion specialists. Dr. Mayhew concludes that the constructive future of the usability discipline may depend on effective alliances with various disciplines and specialties along with the concurrent developments in technology and user needs.”

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