“Value creation through experience” executive course

Joe Pine and Albert Boswijk of the European Centre for the Experience Economy contacted me this week about their "Value Creation through Experience" executive course, 23-28 April in Norcia (Umbria), Italy.

It is a five-day intensive course providing a "new look at the experience and transformation economies". The list of speakers looks promising:

  • Felix Lozano of E-Cultura (Madrid) presents their view of how to create meaningful experiences in the Imagination Society.
  • Duncan Stutterheim of ID&T will convey the inside story how he got to the market of 20 year olds, how he has built a dance imperium with mega dance parties of 50.000 people. He now runs a broadcasting station, several bars and restaurants.
  • Bart van Kampen entrepreneur ‘pur sang’ will describe how he achieved to get 1.3 million visitors a year to his Beverwijkse Bazar, a weekend market.
  • Rob Wagemakers will share his architectural insights, experience by design.
  • Mark William Hansen of LEGO will explain how Lego approaches their customers and how they handle the great power of communities and experience co-creation.
  • Jeroen Ankersmit (CEO) of ROCA and the College Hotel will share his learning concept of the best concept and design hotel of Europe.

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