Vodafone online magazine on mobile phones and the yearning factor

Vodafone Receiver 15
Vodafone has just published the 15th issue of Receiver, its online magazine on the future of communications technologies.

The current edition is all about that yearning factor that comes with using the mobile phone, about the meta-message which is always present: ‘wish you were here’.

"We always take the mobile with us because we want to be reachable. But who do we want to be reachable for? Take a closer look: primarily for those we love. Apart from using them for work-related purposes, mobile phones are a great source of strength for our inner circle – they connect us to those stored in the handset’s contact list whom we want to reassure that we are with in spirit, and who know when we might need the emotional support of a quick text."

The nine articles deal with the social roles of mobile phones and how we use it connect with friends, family and loved ones.

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