[White paper] Digital assurance: Reaching a seamless customer experience

Digital Assurance: Reaching a Seamless Customer Experience
by Shawndra Hill (Wharton professor of operations and information management) and Kumudha Sridharan (vice president and global head of testing services at Wipro Technologies)
White paper produced by Knowledge@Wharton and sponsored by Wipro Technologies
February 19, 2015

As digital technologies envelop all spheres of business operations, the need for assurance of near-flawless performance in user experience and security has taken center stage. The practice of digital assurance aims to meet that demand, and has elevated the testing function to being a critical piece in the design and development process for digital services.

“Digital assurance [is] a function that basically tries to ensure that technology works as it is supposed to. The practice has outgrown its earlier testing role to become a front-end function influencing product design and development now that digital technology has reached every aspect of business.

Digital assurance services focus on the interplay of devices and apps on the web or mobile platforms. Ideally it provides superior navigability and content on those channels, and ensures a seamless customer engagement before, during and after a purchase, and across multiple touch points that could start with an online visit and end at a physical store. Through that process, digital assurance is designed to provide a smooth and relevant experience while protecting their financial and other
data from hackers.”

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