Yves Béhar’s ten principles for design in the age of AI

Swiss designer, entrepreneur, and sustainability advocate Yves Béhar points out that there are no high-level manifestos or guidelines for designers working with AI, robotics, and connected technology today.

Last week, in a talk delivered at the inaugural A/D/O/ Design Festival in Brooklyn, Béhar presented his vision for what those guidelines should look like in the form of 10 principles for design in the age of AI.

Here they are:

  1. Design solves an important human problem
  2. Design is context specific (it doesn’t follow historical cliches)
  3. Design enhances human ability (without replacing the human)
  4. Good design works for everyone, everyday
  5. Good tech and design is discreet
  6. Good design is a platform that grows with needs and opportunities
  7. Good design brings about products and services that build long-term relationships (but don’t create emotional dependency)
  8. Good technology design learns and predicts human behavior
  9. Good design accelerates new ideas
  10. Good design removes complexity from life