Yahoo! study on the internet, Family 2.0 and the 43-hour day [Reuters]

Family 2.0
While many a parent will lament there are not enough hours in the day, the simultaneous use of several technologies is allowing families to cram in 43 hours worth of activity from one sunrise to the next, a new study claims.

The survey by Yahoo Inc. and media buyer OMD untangled the overlapping use of the Internet, telephones, text messaging, radio and television during work and recreation hours for more than 4,700 adults in 16 countries, from the United States to Argentina and Taiwan.

According to an in-depth Yahoo! press release on the results of the research, entitled “”It’s a Family Affair: the Media Evolution of Global Families in a Digital Age,” the project “included in-home ethnographies and scrapbooks as well as a quantitative online survey. The in-home interviews and scrapbooks were conducted in New York, Wichita, San Diego, Toronto, Montreal, Mexico City, Sydney, Paris, London and Mumbai. Participants represented some common and emerging family types typical in those cities. The online survey was conducted with a total of 4,783 respondents aged 18+ in 16 countries in Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas.”

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