A mobile voice: the use of mobile phones in citizen media

A Mobile Voice
MobileActive.org has just released its newest resource, A Mobile Voice: The Use of Mobile Phones in Citizen Media.

“In this report we explore the dynamics of the role of mobile phones in enhancing access to and creating information and citizen-produced media. We explore trends in the use of mobile telephony with a focus on software and platforms that make content creation and broadcasting easier. We also present an inventory of current and potential uses of mobile phones to promote citizen media and freedom of information, and present short case studies of examples–all from the MobileActive.org community.”

We further discuss security considerations that might impact citizen media and freedom of information. Finally, we describe some direction for medium-term directions and donor investments. We invite additions, corrections, and new projects to make this as much of a living document as possible. To this end, we are addding A Mobile Voice to the MobileActive.org wiki after tomorrow to continue to add additional tools, case studies, and insights. We are looking forward to your feedback!”

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