A thank you to our web service provider Aventure Host

On December 31st 2009 we finished the process of moving our websites and our mail services to Italy.

Since the beginning of our company, we had hosted our websites and mail with Aventure Host, a United Kingdom based webhosting company, that has provided us with excellent service allowing our company to grow from an idea to a 20 member organisation, with complicated web hosting demands.

For a variety of reasons (Italian privacy law, an inhouse server investment, a new tech person who is not proficient enough in English, and a need for more direct control), we recently decided to move our web services to Italy, and some of them even to our own office.

When we informed Aventure Host of this, they were obviously sorry to see us leave as a customer, yet even in the last few weeks, when it was clear that things were ending, Aventure Host kept on providing its loyal support. And more than that: they actually went beyond the call of duty by e.g. helping us to transfer our domain name in two hours, whereas they legally had ten days to do so.

So we decided to let our readers know about AventureHost. If you are looking for a reliable web provider, that is fast, diligent, professional and trustworthy in any requests you may have, or in addressing any problems that may arise, you should consider Aventure Host.

We recommend you to speak with Richard Kennedy, the Operations Manager of AventureHost, who can advise you on what package can best suit your needs. He is very good at helping you decide on the best solution, also taking into account your budget constraints.

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