Adobe’s “Inspire Experience Design” site

Adobe's Inspire Experience Design site
Adobe has just launched the Inspire Experience Design site to showcase the work of “90 experience-focused professionals” with “expertise in interaction, visual and motion design, user research, information architecture, engineering” and “backgrounds in architecture, education, mathematics, writing, and game design”, who are all “unified around the idea of creating great digital experiences”.

“We are obsessively focused on the quality of digital experiences for a reason: most digital experiences suck. Experience design doesn’t mean making something pretty. It means empowering a user, easing their burden or leveraging their skills. It means connecting people to the things they need, when they need them.

Experience design is born of the recognition that interaction is a process and not a static thing. Experience matters because what’s really important is how it makes you feel, think and respond. The world that we are creating digitally is complex and dynamic. The quality of the experiences that are enabled will determine how we all feel about living in that (this!) world.”

The site contains a lot of material, but it is all too much of a “hybrid HTML-AJAX-Flex-Flash-ColdFusion-Javascript extravaganza of technology”, as they call it. Don’t even think of watching it on one of those old-fashioned 1024×768 screens.

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