Aesthetics of interaction

International Journal of Design
The latest issue of the International Journal of Design, eer-reviewed, open-access journal devoted to publishing research papers in all fields of design, is devoted to the aesthetics of interaction design:

This special issue attempts to provide an overview of current research in the Aesthetics of Interaction. We believe there is no such thing as absolute Aesthetics. Aesthetics always refers to culture, to what people in a specific culture find valuable. In other words, aesthetics refers to ethics.

Table of contents
– Special issue editorial: aesthetics of interaction (Caroline Hummels , Kees Overbeeke)
– Designing behavior in interaction: using aesthetic experience as a mechanism for design (Philip Roland Ross , Stephan Wensveen)
– “It’s so touching”: emotional value in distal contact (Charles Lenay)
– Perceiving while being perceived (Patrizia Marti)
– Studies of dancers: moving from experience to interaction design (Lian Loke , Toni Robertson)
– Pleasantness in bodily experience: a phenomenological inquiry (Marco C Rozendaal , Hendrik N.J. Schifferstein)
– Computational compositions: aesthetics, materials, and interaction design (Mikael Wiberg , Erica Reyna Robles)

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