Ancient manuscript teaches machines how to talk to people

How to Talk to People
Ambidextrous magazine, Stanford University’s Journal of Design, has printed an excerpt from the last chapter of Donald Norman’s not-yet published book, The Design of Future Things.

The excerpt, entitled “How to Talk to People”, is part of an ancient manuscript Norman uncovered, written some time in the 21st century, trying to teach machines patience in their interactions with people.

In short, a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, deadpan must-read.

Download “How to Talk to People” (pdf, 583 kb, 4 pages)


  1. […] Il Giornale di Design dell’Università di Stanford, Ambidextrous magazine ha tratto un passo dell’ultimo capitalo del libro inedito di Donald Norman, ‘Il Design delle cose future’. La parte del libro ripresa dall’articolo, intitolata “How to Talk to People” riprende una spiegazione di Norman su come sia possibile per le macchine dialogare con le persone. […]

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