AnswerLab’s Guide to Remote Research

As Covid-19 grows into a global epidemic, now is the time for urgent, bold, and thoughtful response plans from companies across the world.

UX Research teams and other qualitative-focused research companies need to shift business strategy now. We have a moral obligation to define our role in minimizing transmission of the virus.

We’re asking all qualitative researchers to share our short-term commitment to remote research. The more we each do our part to minimize the spread of the virus, the more we support the health of humans across the globe and the long-term financial stability of all.

To support you, we created our Guide to Remote Research.

AnswerLab has been conducting remote research for 15+ years – it’s a part of our DNA. And we’ve collected our best tips in this guide, including:

  • Best practices for remote research
  • Advice on creating a virtual best place to work
  • Our favorite tools for successful remote research

In this uncertain time, it’s easy to fall behind, postponing research due to barriers caused by working from home and social distancing. By switching to remote, you’ll keep uncovering insights and continue collaborating so you can ensure your products meet financial goals when they’re under increasing pressure to succeed.