Are we viewing consumers as humans?

Underneath all the shopping, online searching, and purchasing is a human being who takes a particular action for very personal reasons, writes Jure Klepic in The Huffington Post.

Those reasons maybe based on a response to advertising or a referral from a trusted influencer, but it is just as likely that there is something that is engrained in their consciousness as a member of a particular cultural group. Marketing success comes from uncovering cultural differences and comprehending how those differences impact a brand or product.

Many companies have started moving away from the numbers and statistics by utilising anthropological and ethnographic research for their marketing and management teams. These professionals provide a new method of gaining insights of consumers’ culture, allowing them to look at consumers wholistically rather than just numerically (as human beings, instead of just numbers).

Klepic concludes: “Companies which take the time to study cultures and subcultures, look for patterns and themes, and truly look at their consumers as human beings instead of just marketing statistics will increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and improve their overall consumer experience.”

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