As the vision fades, the indignities grow

As baby boomers grope their way through middle age, they are encountering the daily indignities that accompany a downward slide in visual acuity: trying to read a road map in a car at night; cellphones designed for 20-year-old eyes; the minuscule letters on a bottle of aspirin; nutrition information squeezed onto a bag of peanuts.

And unlike their parents and grandparents, they are not shy about expressing their displeasure, in some cases, taking matters into their own hands or prompting some companies to pay attention.

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  1. Whoever starts stepping up to the plate on this in a strong way is going to do very well, I’m surprised it’s still taking so long.

    On a related note I wrote a while back about how in general the baby boomers are not going to put up with the crappy design solutions that are on the market today for things like walkers – they are used to driving Lexus’s and using iPods. The current products just won’t cut it.

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