Brands are inside-out, user experience is outside-in

“If branding is all about imprinting a pre-conceived idea and marketing profile onto an audience, thus being very inside-out, what is the value and role of experience design and how does it differ from traditional branding?”, asks Luigi Canali De Rossi on Robin Good.

“Taking pretext from content published online by the UK Design Council, Peter Merholz, one of user-experience most authoritative professionals takes a clarification stand on the key differences between branding and experience design.

Though difficult to grasp at first, experience design is more about the kind of experience users actually have than about controlling the experience you try to give them.”

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  1. […] Una possibile risposta al quesito posto da Luigi Canali De Rossi su Robin Good su cosa distingua il branding dall’experience design, può essere rintracciata nell’intervento di Peter Merholz in occasione dello UK Design Council: nel primo caso si tratta di un’attività “dall’interno all’esterno”, al contrario della seconda. L’experience design, infatti, non si concentra sul controllo dell’esperienza che si vuole fornire all’utente, ma sullo studio dell’esperienza che questi sta già vivendo. […]