Design strategy now also at Davos

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (25-29 January) is devoted to creativity.

One of the eight sub-themes is on “innovation, creativity and design strategy”, exploring how “business, government and social innovators are taking on new creative capabilities and innovation strategies in response to a rapidly changing global landscape”.

Business Week’s Bruce Nussbaum, who will be attending, informs us that this is more than just a theme, but an entire category of programmes, meetings, dinners and late-night talks.

The panels include “Doubt and Decision-Making”, “Biomimicry–Nature’s Innovation”, “Innovating in Innovation”, the mysterious “Video Game Zombies and New Innovation”, “Basic Solutions For Africa” and “Prepping for the Post-Knowledge Economy”, the latter moderated by Nussbaum and including the chairmen and ceo’s of the Virgin Group, IDEO, Siemens, Nike and Motorola.

See Nussbaum’s blog for more information.

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