Dimensions of compelling mobile experiences

Dave Zuvernik, senior user research specialist on Adobe XD’s Mobile and Devices team proposes a model with five dimensions – core, social, contextual, cloud and multi-screen – to create compelling mobile experiences:

“Have you ever used a mobile application that just made you say “Wow?” Or used your phone to find the right information at just the right time? It can be difficult to put your finger on just what it is that makes an application shine, but in looking at lots of phones and applications out there, I’ve distilled things down to a few major aspects of experience. This model has helped me understand what it is about some applications that help them stand out. I’ve also used these dimensions as a brainstorming tool to help expand a nugget of an idea into a more comprehensive concept. My hope is that these will be helpful to you in evaluating applications or thinking up that next killer app you’d like to create.”

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Check also this post on sustainable experience design by Andrea Mangini, Adobe’s Lead Experience Designer.

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