Discussing ethnography at University College London

Digital anthropology
Experientia partner Mark Vanderbeeken will be giving a talk tomorrow at 6 pm, as a part of the Digital Anthropology MSc course at University College London (UCL).

The “Anthropology in the Professional World” section of the course features talks from well-known practitioners in the field. Mark will speak about the challenges inherent in Experientia’s research and design work, focusing on qualitative user experience research: from device and user interface challenges to contexts, ecosystems and sustainability.

UCL’s Digital Anthropology programme is led by Stefana Broadbent, former chief anthropologist at Swisscom (and featured as such in The Economist in June 2007).

The talk is part of Experientia’s ongoing commitment to the education of upcoming designers, researchers, and usability experts, which has seen all of Experientia’s partners lecture at various tertiary institutions, as well as a recent five-year research and education collaboration agreement with the Design and Human Engineering School (DHE) of the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in Korea.

More information on the UCL Digital Anthropology course, and Mark’s talk, can be found here.

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