Espressamente, Illy’s cult coffee bar [Business Week]

Espressamente bar
Italian coffee maker Illy is out to conquer the “last frontier” – the coffee bar. By rolling out a global chain of licensed cafes called “Espressamente,” Illy intends not only to sell more of its high-quality coffee, but to purvey the original Italian cult of espresso. That means ensuring everything from the barista’s skills and manner to the Italian furniture and interior architecture of the café. It also means coffee as Italians love it: one short, dark shot that coats the tongue with subtle hints of chocolate, almonds, jasmin, and fresh peaches.

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  1. I’m also a real coffe addict (especially small napolitan coffee which are more explosive than the vesuve)

    In europs, we have alos illy coffee bar but all big italian brands have their own franchise.

    Kimbo coffee is also really good and less fashion

    Thanks for this moment of pure coffee product experience.

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