Eva Hornecker on tangible interaction

Eva Hornecker explains on interaction-design.org the evolving concept of Tangible Interaction.

“Broadly, Tangible Interaction encompasses user interfaces and interaction approaches that emphasize
– tangibility and materiality of the interface
– physical embodiment of data
– whole-body interaction
– the embedding of the interface and the users’ interaction in real spaces and contexts.

Tangible Interaction is a very interdisciplinary area. It spans a variety of perspectives, such as HCI and Interaction Design, but specializes on interfaces or systems that are in some way physically embodied – be it in physical artefacts or in environments. Furthermore it has connections with product/industrial design, arts and architecture. Finally, new developments in Ubiquitous Computing, Actuation, Sensors, Robotics and Mechanics contribute through enabling technologies to the field of Tangible Interaction.”

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