Executive briefing on customer centred innovation

Innovaro, the UK innovation consultancy, recently published a three-page executive style innovation brief on customer centred innovation.

The aim of the paper is to provide companies with a better understanding of the four approaches to increased customer focus at the start of the innovation process: personas, ethnography, fan bases (or “lead users”) and participatory design; to help them choose the most appropriate technique for the circumstances present; and to actually deliver the greatest impact.

Thanks also to the examples from such companies as Aviva, BMW, eBay, IDEO, Intel, Lego, Microsoft and Philips Design, the paper provides a quick overview to what is currently state of the art in corporate user-centred design and innovation. It also provides insight in why particular companies focus on a particular approach and what they want to achieve with it.

Download briefing (pdf, 560 kb, 3 pages)

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