Experientia Prisma kitchen in Interni Annual Cucina 2012

The Interni Annual Cucina 2012 is out, and this year’s monograph features Experientia’s Prisma design for Toncelli Kitchens. The Prisma was the 2012 flagship kitchen in Toncelli’s presentation at Eurocucina 2012, the International Kitchen Furniture Trade Show, held in Milan.

Experientia designed Prisma, Toncelli’s first entry-level kitchen, to revitalise the company image and communicate a new focus on Asian design and markets, and the incorporation of modern (and futuristic) technology into traditional kitchen environments. Its eye-catching combination of minimalist design and latest technologies is one of the reasons it is featured in the Interni Cucina Annual 2012.

Here’s a little of what Interni had to say about Prisma:

The innovative Prisma kitchen, the result of the Toncelli Experientia collaboration, stands out for its essential, dynamic and high-impact design, combined with exclusive technologies. The worktop in glass of the island is equipped with an interactive touchscreen connected to the internet, and the rotating food stand can be outfitted with a tablet. The prismatic effect of the surfaces of the cabinets conveys a sense of movement, enhanced by the lighting fixtures that illuminate the furnishings from below.

Interni is an Italian magazine (with an accompanying English translation) that selects and documents the most significant new developments, trends, and projects in Italian and international design. The Interni Annual monographs are published three times a year, with editions dedicated to the kitchen, bathroom and contract sectors, and showcase the best and most interesting designs in the sector.

For more about the Prisma kitchen, see our project description or the Experientia-designed Toncelli Eurocucina 2012 minisite.

The Interni Annual Cucina 2012 is on sale now at selected news vendors.

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