Experientia speaks at Turin’s Technology Biennial

The Technology Biennial is a major, wide-ranging event – available online for free – that offers articulated, inclusive and accessible reflection on the increasingly relevant issue of the relationship between technology and society, starting from the most recent technological innovations, but also recalling the history of Italian technological roots. It is organized by the Polytechnic University of Turin. This year’s theme is “Mutations – Towards a Sustainable Future”.

Experientia’s Jan-Christoph Zoels and Mark Vanderbeeken will each be part of discussion panels.

Designing mutations
Friday 13 Novembre 2020 at 2:30 pm .
With Stefano Mirti, Pier Paolo Peruccio, Graziella Roccella, and Mark Vanderbeeken

The “mutations” and transformations of the environment must first of all be designed. The etymology of the word “project” evokes an idea of the future, more precisely it alludes to the action of throwing forward, that is, seeking a change, possibly positive and sustainable from a social, economic and environmental point of view. This openness to the unknown also involves risks. How to navigate the complexity of the project? What role do technologies play in this context?

The avant-garde in Ivrea: Interaction Design Institute
Sunday 15 November at 2pm – curated by the Turin Circle of Design
With Gillian Crampton Smith, Franco Debenedetti, Barbara Ghella and Jan-Christoph Zoels
Moderated by Pier Paolo Peruccio

Twenty years after its founding in Ivrea, we can now look back at the impact of the extraordinary didactic experience on international design education and retrace the
Twenty years after its foundation in Ivrea, this is an opportunity to take stock of the impact of an extraordinary educational experience on international design schools and retrace the salient features of a story that for a period of time has placed the city of Ivrea at the center of the world map of innovation, combining experimental models of teaching, cultural tradition and avant-garde design.