Experientia to redesign United Nations website

Experientia, the international experience design consultancy based in Turin, Italy, will be designing the new website of the training arm of the United Nations’ International Labour Organisation (ILO).

The International Training Centre of the ILO is an advanced training institute located in Turin, that sits at the forefront of strengthening the capacities, capabilities and competencies of governments, workers’ organisations, employers’ organisations and other development players in the areas of labour, social justice and development.

In its collaboration with Experientia, ITC-ILO wants to develop a richer and much more dynamic and interactive website, to increase the Centre’s effectiveness, to foster its means to engage partners and beneficiaries, and to facilitate finding and sharing knowledge and assets.

“The centre’s website is a strategic tool in our outreach and involvement of potential participants, donors and stakeholders,” said Robin Poppe, chief of Learning and Communication at the Centre. “The user-centred approach of Experientia with its thorough integration of usability, information architecture and design will allow us to strongly enhance the Centre’s operational capacity.”

Experientia is honoured to have been selected for this prestigious assignment and to be able to work within the United Nations system on a project of such crucial social value on a global scale. After all, the focus areas of the Centre are the issues of poverty and social exclusion, child labour and forced labour, migration and trafficking, social protection, safety and health at the workplace, as well as discrimination, freedom of association, social dialogue, employment and development.

Although thousands of people from all over the world come to Turin to take part in seminars, workshops and courses every year, most of the Centre’s activities and projects do take place in people’s home countries and regions, which makes a strong and effective website even more important.

The project covers the definition of the website information design and information architecture; the development of templates for departments and course websites; and the creation of web design and communication guidelines. The launch of the new site is foreseen for early 2011.

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