Experientia’s senior designer Luca Troisi on experience design and yachting

One of our staff members, senior designer Luca Troisi, worked previously in the yachting industry and has not forgotten those roots when he joined Experientia. Luca’s extensive and excellently written article explores what experience design could mean for the yachting industry:

“In design terms there are a few obvious analogies between depression of the 1930s and today. Consider two product groups that symbolise both ages: the car then and the mobile phone now. The yachting industry during the past few years has taken the automotive industry as its reference point.

But in order to attract the customers of the future, it will most likely have to take a lead from other industries, even those that may seem very distant from a product standpoint; in a number of ways the mobile phone industry points the way that designers should view the future…”

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