Exploring little worlds with Nokia

Little World
The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design is on a roll. After an intensive workshop with Intel (featured in Worldchanging), now they embarked on an exploration with Nokia (featured in Fast Company). And obviously all online. Excellent work and excellent communications. Enjoy.

1. Mobile Playfulness
Video about how to incorporate playfulness into the UI of phones. We think that people naturally play and fiddle with things and that we can incorporate that into the UI naturally and passively rather than as active lay like games.

2. Staying Connected
People treat their phones as disposable. How can we make people have a more emotional connection with their phone so that they value it more, and therefore make a brand more desirable and less throw-away or disposable.

3. Little World (featured in Fast Company)
Mobile phones are very task based. They focus on what we want to do, not who we want to contact. What would happen if you put people at the centre of an interface? Here we explored such an interface and see how concepts like grouping, messaging and adding friends might work.

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  1. Not bad, especially as student projects! My favorite is still the Social mobiles from Ideo from 2002. http://www.ideo.com/work/item/social-mobiles

    Number 2 was a concept where the result didn’t quite match the description of “staying connected”. A little anti-climax, although the concept of changing the background color of the desktop based on context/environment is interesting. Similar to the “automatic theme creator” patented by Sony Ericsson.

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