First thoughts on the user experience of Apple’s iPhone

Apple iPhone
Brian Fling of experience design consultancy Blue Flavor has compiled some first thoughts on the user experience of Apple’s iPhone and the potential impact this may have on the industry.

“The iPhone merges the needs of the user with technology into a very small and very compelling package. Rich with all the features you would expect from a phone, Apple puts its signature on the industry that leaves me spinning. Not one to imitate, Apple has simultaneously revolutionized the mobile device, media player, mobile service provider and mobile web in one masterful stroke.”

“Apple has obviously pushed very hard to redefine the mobile experience from the ground up. They threw out everything established, questioned the rules and did it their way, in only a way that they could. Creating a truly people-centered experience on the phone.”

“This isn’t something the other big boys in mobile like Nokia or Motorola has been able to pull off in a long time.”

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