How cloud computing is changing the world

Cloud computing
Business Week reflects on the impact of cloud computing on global business.

A host of providers including Amazon,, IBM, Oracle and Microsoft are helping corporate clients use the Internet to tap into everything from extra server space to software that helps manage customer relationships. Assigning these computing tasks to some remote location—rather than, say, a desktop computer, handheld machine, or a company’s own servers—is referred to collectively as cloud computing, and it’s catching on across Corporate America. […]

[Yet] many chief information officers remain concerned about the reliability and security of cloud-based services. […] Another issue that worries CIOs is the ability to comply with […] financial and health-care regulations.

Other articles in the special report:

Cloud Computing: Small Companies Take Flight
Small businesses are flocking to the new services, which provide secure IT infrastructure with little up-front investment and no heavy lifting.

Enter the Cloud with Caution
Here are nine questions to ask before trusting your company’s data or computing tasks to an outside provider.

It’s 2018: Who Owns the Cloud?
In 10 years—given that clouds will be evaluated based on transactions, user experience, and presence—Amazon, eBay, Apple, and Microsoft will likely be top contenders.

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    Who knew that meteorological hype like clouds and climate change would dominate both offline and online worlds?


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