How to create a great use experience, as opposed to a great user experience?

Jon Udell
User experience is an overloaded term,” says Microsoft ‘Evangelist’ Jon Udell (who is the successor to Robert Scoble).

“I propose that we unpack it into (at least) two separate concepts. One is the basis of the “aha” moment. For now I’ll call it the use experience. […]

I’ll reserve the term user experience for something else: the tax we pay in order to enjoy the use experience. This tax is not the basis of an “aha” moment. It’s expressed in terms of the devices, cables, batteries, applications, menus, dialog boxes, and — last but not least — the concepts we must grapple with in order to reliably reproduce the use experience. A great user experience makes all this crap relatively less awkward, confusing, and annoying. A lousy user experience makes it relatively more so. But the point is that it’s all crap! It’s the tax we pay to enjoy the use experience, and we want to pay as little of it as we can get away with.

How do you engineer a great use experience, as opposed to a great user experience? Part of the answer is deep personalization.”

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  1. […] Jon Udell (Microsoft) propone di scomporre l’espressione “user experience” in due concetti: da una parte la “use experience” cioè la soddisfazione d’uso, dall’altra la “user experience” intesa come tassa da pagare per arrivare alla “use experience”. La tassa consiste nella complessità degli strumenti che bisogna utilizzare per provare l’esperienza, siano essi cavi, software o nuovi concetti da apprendere. […]

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