IBM research on the use of social software in the workplace

IBM Beehive
Both Penny Edwards (Headshift) and Bill Ives (Fast Forward) report on recent IBM research on social software in the marketplace:

To what extent does your company facilitate social networking between employees split by geographical or organisational distance, or with (existing or potential) clients and business partners? What’s the value of this social capital to the company (i.e. the connections within and between social networks as well as connections among individuals). How does it change the nature of opportunities and constraints each person faces, and the flow-on effects to the team and company as a whole?

IBM recently published its research surrounding Beehive (an experimental internal platform designed to blur the boundaries of work and home, professional and personal, and business and fun). The report provides empirical evidence of the power of nurturing social capital in the enterprise.

Download IBM report (alternate link)
Read Penny Edwards review
Read Bill Ives review

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