India: The Impact of Mobile Phones

India: The Impact of Mobile Phones
Vodafone publishes a very good, but highly under-communicated, Public Policy series. The aim of the series is “to provide a platform for leading experts to write on issues that are important to Vodafone and that may help policy makers as they strive to provide a regulatory environment which stimulates growth and economic development”.

The latest report: “India: The Impact of Mobile Phones” (pdf) contains five meaty research contributions with lots of data:

  • A policy overview by Dr. Rajiv Kumar
  • An econometric analysis of the impact of mobile by Professor Rajat Kathuria, Dr. Mahesh Uppal and Mamta
  • The impact of mobiles on agricultural productivity by Sanjay Gandhi, Dr. Surabhi Mittal and Gaurav Tripathi
  • A survey of usage of mobile in poor urban areas by Professor Ankur Sarin and Professor Rekha Jain
  • The impact of mobiles in the SME sector by Dr. Mahesh Uppal and Professor Rajat Kathuria

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