Intel study on how people “feel” about their computing devices

Recently, Intel UX Innovation Manager Dr. Daria Loi and her team conducted a study to determine how technology users around the world feel about their computing devices. The study, titled Current Usages: A Global Perspective, explored which devices are people’s favorites, which they use most often, which they use for certain tasks (and why), and what they wish the devices could do better. The research included 1,200 people from six countries across an age range of several decades.

The study found that, while devices such as smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets allow users to perform many critical work and personal functions—and that most users have a favorite device—there are many areas for improvement, particularly in convenience and user-friendliness.

This article discusses the study’s findings in detail and suggests numerous opportunities for developers to create software that can perfect users’ experience.