Interaction Design Institute for rent

Interaction Ivrea
For rent in Ivrea, Italy: former seat of internationally renowned Interaction Design Institute, fully equipped with top-of-the-line conference room, gallery, offices, student spaces, seminar rooms, catering kitchen and spacious terraces. Inquire by calling the number on the photo (click to enlarge / add Italian country code, 39, if needed).

Some pictures are better than a thousand words: “Affittasi” is Italian for “For Rent”. Interaction Design Institute Ivrea is gone, and this photo illustrates it better than anything that has been written so far.

Many of the alumni and former staff have meanwhile joined prestigious companies (IDEO, Microsoft and Hitachi, to name just a few), or started their own companies (e.g. my very own Experientia), so it is of some comfort to know that the Institute’s impact will remain to be felt for a long while still.


  1. It almost looks like the beginning of a video scenario, where all the signs are missing, save for one.

    Damn shame, indeed.

  2. […] Affittasi ad Ivrea ex sede di prestigioso istituto di design. È questa la fine dell’ormai defunto Interaction Design Institute. Consola sapere che diversi alunni e membri dello staff sono entrati a far parte di prestigiose aziende, come IDEO e Microsoft, o ne hanno fondato di proprie — ad esempio io stesso con Experientia.   Scrivi un commento […]

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