Interaction designers, and how they got that way

Interaction designers
Carl Alviani published an inquisitive article on the profession of the interaction designer on Creative Seeds, the blog of Coroflot, which is Core77‘s career and community site.

“Anyone who’s been following the creative job market at any point in the last few years is probably aware of the feeding frenzy currently going on, as companies large and small seek interaction designers to do…well…whatever it is that they do. For those of us not in the field, and without much exposure to the IxD (for that’s how it gets abbreviated) process, it can seem a bit of an esoteric, shadowy art, attracting the attention of media and employers, but without knowing quite why. We know they work with information (usually), and computers (sometimes), and pay close attention to the users of technology (pretty much always, right?), but that’s a vague enough description that it could be applied to web design, graphic design, industrial design, and a number of other disciplines. Determining how one actually becomes an Interaction Designer is an even tougher challenge.”

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