Interviews with directors of experience design at Yahoo! and Google

Larry Cornett
Gordon Hotchkiss just interviewed Larry Cornett, the relatively new Director of User Experience Design at Yahoo! (together with Kathryn Kelly, Director of PR for Yahoo! Search).

Hotchkiss, who is the president and ceo of Enquiro, a Canadian search engine marketing firm, asked Cornett and Kelly about the Yahoo! search experience and how Yahoo!’s own internal usability testing has led to the design and the experience we see today.

They also discussed Yahoo!’s plans for the future and the company’s strategy for differentiating itself from the competition, namely Microsoft and Google.

Last week Hotchkiss published a wide-ranging interview with Marissa Mayer, Google VP, Search Products & User Experience, about “everything from interface design to user behavior to the biggest challenge still to be solved with search as we currently know it.”

According to Hotchkiss, one difference between the Yahoo! and the Google approach is “the continual reference to Yahoo’s advertisers as key stakeholders in the experience. At Yahoo, whenever user experience is mentioned, it’s always balanced with the need for monetization.”

Read Cornett interview (Yahoo!)
Read Mayer interview (Google)

(via Usability in the News)

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  1. […] Gordon Hotchkiss ha intervistato recentemente sia Larry Cornett, nuovo direttore dello User Experience Design di Yahoo!, che Marissa Mayer, VP della Google. La differenza tra l’impostazione delle due aziende riscontrata da Hotchkiss consiste nell’ottica più economica della Yahoo!: l’esperienza del consumatore, in questo caso, viene sempre controbilanciata dalla necessità di capitalizzazione. […]

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