Introduction to service design

Introduction to service design
Culminatum Ltd – Helsinki Region Centre of Expertise has published a great online tool, entitled Introduction to service design.

“The purpose of this digital communications tool is to establish a common ground and a starting point for discussion on service design. By publishing this tool we wanted to make it possible for any service sector professional to become aware of service design and to gain better understanding of service design in practice.

‘Introduction to service design’ gives you an overview on service design process. Some of the most commonly used tools and practices are also introduced.”

The online tool, which was financially supported by the City of Helsinki and Laurea University of Applied Sciences, consists of four chapters — Why service design?, Customer journey, How to design the service experience? and Is service design for you? — and also contains a helpful terminology section.

The main authors were Maisa Kuha, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (Chapter 2), Birgit Mager, University of Applied Sciences Cologne (Chapter 3, 4 and key terms section) and Markku Nurminen of Zone Interactions Ltd.

Unfortunately the interface is entirely in Flash, which makes copying text or printing it out virtually impossible. No pdf version seems to be available.

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