It’s people, process and technology – in that order

Healthcare organisations are throwing mobile technology at problems without fully considering the underlying business processes or the working conditions of the end-user. This is the key finding of a multi-country report across the healthcare sector from industry analysts Quocirca. It was commissioned by Anoto, the inventor of Digital Pen and Paper technology.

Nearly two-thirds of those questioned agreed that technology solutions should be kept simple, but 47% lamented the complexity of the technology they were using. More than 70% were unsure of the ongoing cost of device failures. Yet, the high cost of mobile devices, along with their proneness to theft, loss and damage, were identified as major barriers to their effective use by more than half the respondents.

The report, entitled “Light touch, firm impression“, reveals how the use of mobile technologies to automate traditionally paper-based processes can result in unnecessary complexity. Instead of boosting productivity, this frequently leads to increased – unforeseen – costs and can reduce the effectiveness of the organisation.

Highlights of the findings include:

  • Mobile devices are often not fit for purpose
  • Running costs for mobile devices are underestimated
  • Mobile devices are mainly given to management – not frontline staff
  • Organisations still rely largely on paper

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