Jen van der Meer on “how the crowd will save us”

Crowd article
Jennifer van der Meer wrote a long article, published today on Core77, on how the green movement taps participatory networks to drive innovation.

The emergence of more user-centered-thinking has given designers an influence well beyond the old drafting table. Upstream in the product development process, designers can now leverage tools like ethnography and sophisticated needs analysis. When given the opportunity, these methods drive the whole development process towards more meaningful and commercially viable innovation. These user-centered methods are the precursor for solving the green problem.

Jennifer van der Meer is a green activist and innovation strategist. Formerly a Wall Street Analyst, Jennifer has held executive management roles at Organic, Inc., Frog Design, and Fahrenheit 212, and has served as a consultant to companies such as GE, General Mills, MTV, Interface Inc., Disney, Chase, Victoria’s Secret, Nestle, Motorola, and Coca Cola. As referenced in this article, Jennifer works on the Toyota Heya project with Drillteam Media, and serves on the board of the Designers Accord.

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