New platform for government services on mobile phones

USE-ME.GOV (usability-driven open platform for mobile government) is an EU-sponsored research and development project designed to support and encourage access to new e-government services anytime and anywhere through the use of mobile communications and internet technologies.

The main goal of the project is to create a next-generation open service platform for mobile users that can be shared by networked authorities and institutions (e.g. on a regional scale) in terms of technical infrastructure, content, and commercial exploitation.

Before the end of the year, four pilot projects will start testing ways of delivering information about healthcare, schools and transport to the mobile phones of citizens.

The Italian city of Bologna will provide citizens with traffic-related information. The Spanish city of Badajoz will experiment with using mobile services to improve communication between teachers, parents, and students. Authorities of the city of Gydnia in Poland, and the town of Vila Nova de Cerveira in Portugal will also take part in the project.

(via Usability News)

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