New UK centre of excellence in design, engineering, technology and business

Design-London at RCA-Imperial
The Royal College of Art (RCA) and Imperial College London announce today a major strategic partnership with the creation of a world-class £5.8 million multidisciplinary centre called Design-London at RCA-Imperial.

Its purpose will be to bring together the disciplines of design, engineering, technology and business to address the challenges of future innovation.

Design-London at RCA-Imperial will create an ‘innovation triangle’ between design (represented by the Royal College of Art), engineering and technology (represented by Imperial College Faculty of Engineering) and the business of innovation (represented by Imperial’s Tanaka Business School).

Within this ‘innovation triangle’, teaching will promote knowledge interchange between MA, MEng and MBA students from the RCA and Imperial; research will explore how design can be more effectively integrated with business and technology to create world-beating products and services; entrepreneurial graduates from RCA and Imperial will be given the opportunity to develop new ideas in the ‘Incubator‘, a dynamic multi-disciplinary environment for business development which will support unique or unexpected collaborations between different disciplines, organisations and places; and business partners of RCA and Imperial will be able to build innovation capacity via simulation exercises, digital tools and facilitation in the ‘Simulator‘.

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